Sanctuary Slimane is a safe haven for plants,
animals & humans  dedicated to sustainable living.

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How We Started

The land was acquired in 2000, used as a private residence and sanctuary for rescue animals for many years. Upon purchase the land was empty with only two trees that had survived a long period of neglect, a Eucalyptus tree that stands tall at the entrance of the property and a pepper tree at the center of what is now the guest pavilion's garden. In 2001, over 1000 olive trees were planted the first year. Today, there are more than 3000 trees of various species on a surface area of 10 hectares.

With an intention to generate positive exchange and creativity, artists, yoga practitioners and volunteers have been invited to contribute and enjoy the grounds since 2016.



Permaculture starts with healing the earth. Caring for the soil is the first step towards self-sufficiency.

Sustainability is a goal so we continuously work in order to improve our methods. Currently, we use drip irrigation for most of the trees, a lot of our energy comes from the sun and we compost systematically. We also search for new ways of recycling and to minimize our use of plastic.


All sorts of animals live in and around Sanctuary Slimane. What started as an Animal Sanctuary, where rescue animals were provided with a happy and healthy life, has now organically evolved into a system in which the animals provide for the land as well.

While the two donkeys and our horse help with tasks in transportation, their manure is being processed via vermiculture producing compost and a strong liquid fertilizer. Our chickens provide us with plenty of fresh eggs and their excellent manure, high in nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, is being used throughout the land.

The sheep and goats also greatly contribute to the composting system while the duck pond functions as an aquaponics system which is emptied every three days into the soil. 

Eight beehives can be found around the property with their colonies being an intrinsic component to pollination and land fertility.

Many other creatures have found their way to our green haven. There’s a group of peacocks foraging the grounds, many various bird species such as the ibis, Eleonora's Falcons and singing birds nesting here while we are still hoping storks will migrate their way to a giant nest installation on the roof. Walking or working the fields, you might just have an encounter with one of our turtles, toads, dragonflies, grasshoppers and very busy ants. 

Last but not least two cats and four dogs stroll around the property to share fun, hugs and snacks with.

Recycling & Alternative Energy

Water is an increasingly critical resource. It currently comes from two wells but we are looking for new ideas to harvest water from the air and to make the most out of rainwater.

120 solar panels were installed in 2017. They provide electricity to the whole property and help fill in the water basin with which we water all the plants.

Our chickens, ducks, goats and sheep help us fertilize the soil by filling our 5 compost bins. We have also created a vermicomposting structure.

Most of the wood from pruning our trees is buried in our hügelkultur holes.

We donate all our used glass to a hotel in Marrakech. They recycle it and create beautiful glassware.


Artist Residency

Our mission is to have on going functional relationships between artists, community and the environment. We seek artists who find pleasure engaging in art with a holistic approach and respect for the natural world. Artists are encouraged to develop and experiment in their medium while creating works that would thematically contribute to the functionality and aesthetic of the various aspects of the property. Visit Art Slimane to learn more.